World Congress Program

Health for all in an Unequal World: Obligations of Global Bioethics

Dec 5th-7th, 2018; St. John's Medical College, Bangalore


Time Event
09.00 - 09.45 Inaugural Plenary
09.45 - 11.15 Plenary I - Bringing rights and ethics to the centre in the "Health for All" discourse
Manisha Gupte, MASUM, India
David McCoy, UCL, London, UK
Testimony (tbc)
11.15 - 11.45 Tea Break
11.45 - 13.15 In Parallel

Surgical Intervention palliation and organ donation
21 - Ethics of consent and data privacy in genetic research
291 - Total Pain in Hospice Practice - ethical challenges
274 - Organ Donation: Challenges in Bangladesh;
80 - Equity in access to surgical care: beyond cost-benefit analysis

Primary Health Services
27 - Bolstering Primary Health Care through Mohalla Clinics of Delhi
268 - Films as a tool to highlight ethical concerns in public healthcare
392 - On Bioethics in Odontology
300 - Reproducing the State: Mapping gender and caste in the experiences of Punjab's ASHAs

Data and Ethics
7 - Vulnerability and Autonomy in Commercial Crowd sourced Data
388 - Biomedical Big Data, consent and perfectionism: the future of governance
282 - Recovering the "person" from the data: patient subjectivity and algorithmic cultures
448 - Implementing a Learning Health System in the field of Cardiology: A European perspective 

Public Health Research - 1
38 - Ethical Guidelines for Public Health Research and Practice in Indian Context: Call for Action
42 - Linking participatory action research on health systems to justice in global health: A case study of the Manifest project in rural Uganda
131 - Taking collective research risks seriously
395 - Experience of Office of Research integrity in a developing country

Public Health Research - 2
136 - Priorities for Research Funding: Whose Burden of Disease?
49 - Tackling ethical and global health issues associated with healthcare electives in low and middle income countries using a Massive Online Open Access Course
173 - A living laboratory? Ethics and experimentality in humanitarian healthcare innovation
350 - Consideration of Values when Setting Priorities in Nutrition Research: Guidance For Transparency

Informed Consent
279 - Reconceptualising the meaning of Respect for Persons in an Ubuntu-driven consent system.
17 - Social construction of ethics. Meaning of the informed consent
100 - Ethical Challenges in Obtaining Informed Consent in the RHDGen Study in Cape Town, South Africa
66 - Ethical Tensions in the Informed Consent Process for Randomized Clinical Trials of Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care in Low Resource Settings

Clinical Trials
59 - The Ethics of End-of-Trial Obligations in a Paediatric Malaria Vaccine Trial: The Perspectives of Stakeholders from Ghana and Tanzania
124 - Ethical Issues of Patient Engagement in Research: When Ethical Desiderata Confront Logistical Imperatives
315 - The Minnesota Starvation trial and Force Feeding
234 - Systematic review of ethical issues in clinical trials in India: the research landscape in the past two decades

127 - The Global Bioethics of Van Rensselaer Potter and the ethics of the self-realization of Arne Næss: A dialogue for understanding the relationship between human dignity and mutual vulnerability
163 - Children's right to participate in medical research: a layered vulnerability approach
107 - Vulnerable or Special? Understanding and Contextualizing Pregnant Women Subject Protection in China
227 - Process of Consent / Informed Consent Design for people with intellectual disabilities

245 - Research Ethics Review Capacity of Higher Education Institutes in Sudan
70 - Research ethics regulation as a communicative transaction of trust
364 - Medical Ethics in times of healthcare ‘business’, competition and profiteering 96 - Global Justice in the Context of Transnational Surrogacy: An African Bioethical perspective

Universal Health Coverage
14 - Justice and Rights Questions in National Health Insurance Scheme in Nigeria: The Bioethical Challenges
95 - Justice, Health Rationing and the Challenges of Public Health Security in Nigeria
180 - Ethical Implications of the Newly Implemented Hospital Reimbursement System for Patients with ongoing Care Needs
318 - The appropriation of route of universal healthcare (UHC): The shift in ethical vision and mission of healthcare in India

Research Methods and design
360 - Ethical issues surrounding adaptive trial designs
114 - Experiences and Perceptions of Participants around Decision Making for Involvement in Malaria Challenge Studies
164 - Research with Animals in the European Union
354 - Is it possible to benefit lab animals in biomedical research?

98 - Egalitarian justice, exploitation, and complicity in international health research
41 - Engagement as "co-constructing knowledge": A moral necessity in public health research
196 - Presumed Dissent? To what kinds of organs and tissues ought presumed consent apply?

Identities - 1
5 - Developing a Global Ethical Framework for a Healthy Ageing Policies
306 - Family Caregiving for Older People in a Chinese Rural Hospital - An Integrated Bioethical and Anthropological Study
208 - A much needed headstart: Ensuring early childhood care for children with disabilities
384 - Advancing Beneficence and Agency of Hearing Impaired Young People: Ethics in a Participatory Action Research Study in India

Identities - 2
271 - Confronting and Challenging the Unethical and Unjust social context: A case study of disadvantaged section of Manual Scavengers in Karnataka and their Campaign of Rights and Dignity
396 - Exploring intersectionality as a policy tool for gender-based policy analysis: Implications for language and health literacy as key determinants of integration
411 - Understanding health inequities in tribal communities: Reflections on some Ethical Issues
8 - Why bioethics needs to take structural and epistemic justice seriously

Environment and Climate Change
31 - Bridging Bioethics and Sustainability via Localization
118 - Environmental Migrants, Structural Injustice, and Moral Responsibility
247 - Pharmaceutical Industry and Health Hazards? A study in Hyderabad

Infections and Communicable Diseases
48 - Ethical challenges in the use of whole genome sequencing for tuberculosis surveillance and drug-resistance testing: A qualitative study of stakeholder perspectives
362 - Novel approaches in remote monitoring of tuberculosis treatment adherence: patient centered or provider centered?
397 - A Tale of Two Cities: Public Health Ethics in Dengue Control
265 - The ethics of global genomic-informed infectious disease surveillance: a review

214 - Human Organs, Scarcities and Sale: Moral Paternalism vs - Moral Pragmatism
229 - Global justice and the organ shortage problem
311 - The Ethical Status of Payment for Cadaveric Organ Donations
390 - Religious, cultural and legal barriers of organ donation: The case of Bangladesh

Health Care
148 - Withholding and Withdrawing Life-Sustaining Treatment: Ethically Equivalent?
158 - The Ethics of Treatment Withdrawal after Severe Brain Injury
338 - Human Trafficking and the Need for Health Services
48 -Ethical challenges in the use of whole genome sequencing for tuberculosis surveillance and drug-resistance testing: A qualitative study of stakeholder perspectives

Political Economy of Health Care
336 - Revisiting Promotional Practices of the Pharmaceutical Industry in India: State of Ethics
23 - The management of self-care as an expression of the responsibility towards one’s own health
45 - Indigenous health ethics: a call to action
349 - American Foundations and Development of Demographic Research Centres in Maharashtra (India): 1950s-1970s

Health Care
4 - Bioethics takes the next step: An academic project becomes curriculum;
16 - Longstanding non-amenability of difficult-to-manage post-operative nausea and vomiting: philosophical and ethical implications of consequentialism in anesthesia
186 - Equitable access to dementia care: Challenging the discourse of cure
211 - "Your child has kidney failure and needs chronic dialysis" - The pediatric nephrologist's dilemma in advising the family regarding treatment
398 - Invisible malnutrition in young children-great emergency
285 - "Good doctor" and "bad doctor": a qualitative study of incoming medical students’ views on professionalism and the 'good doctor'
414 - Ethical analysis of Universal Health Coverage through Employees State Insurance Scheme for diabetes care
34 - Ethnography in a denotified tribe: Risk benefit analysis of small incentive for monitoring chronic disease
63 - Addressing ethical issues around confidentiality in Mental Healthcare: Insights from an African Moral Theory

Asymmetries and inequalities
85 - Allocating Scarce Health Resources: The Role of Physicians
122 - Asymmetrical responsibility in healthcare context
182 - Ethics of rare disease diagnosis in the genomic era – a perspective from the South African state health system
319 - Screening trials for cervical cancer with "no screening" control arms
363 - Work requirements and other attempts to promote personal responsibility in Medicaid: recent developments in the USA
432-Panchayats and Health services: Fragile bonds and the role of power and ethics in mediating governance in a decentralised setting
6 - Which health inequalities matter?
228 - The Global Gag Rule: US policy denies funds for vulnerable women in low-resource countries

Reproductive Rights
76 - Surrogacy In India – A Quagmire Of Conflict Of Rights
197 - Wombs Wanted: Gifted or Loaned?
327 - Maternity in the Market: Women, Labour, and Commercial Surrogacy
169 - Use of fertility preservation in adolescent transgender girls in the Netherlands: uptake and ethical considerations
292 - Excluding or Putting at Risk? The Limits of Stringent Policy-Making for Accessing Infertility Treatment by Obese Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
134 - Home Medical Abortion: Lagging Legislation in the UK
425 - Reproductive justice, ethics and access to safe abortions in India
427 - The Ethical Dilemmas inherent in the Politics of Sex Selection and Safe Abortion
415 - Moving towards adolescent friendly sexual and reproductive health services in India - a farce?

Human Rights
81 - Inequities, eclipsing rights and the hope of ethics: Foregrounding ethics for claiming health rights in India
401 - Global Justice and the “Brain Drain” Syndrome
30 - The ethics of the human rights and healthcare of older persons with respect to elder abuse and the allocation of scarce resources: A reappraisal of human dignity
13 - Ethics and the Right to Health Litigation ("Judicialization") in Brazil: a bioethical analyses and evaluation
167 - Antivenoms, health and global justice. The right to essential medicines
172 - A New Framework to Address Global Health Inequity in Innovation and Access to Health Technologies Combining Bioethical Principles and Human Rights
372 - How the RCEP negotiations could impact the regional and global supply of affordable generic medicines
162 - Population self-reliance in Health: the role of the 4th Tier
379 - Interrogating power and the indivisibility of human rights in relation to the social determinants of health

Time Event
13.15 - 14.15 Lunch Time
14.15 - 15.45
  • W11. Incorporating a justice lens into health systems research ethics: Implications for policy and practice in the global south
  • W16. Regulating values at the margins of health research
  • W17. Big Data in Health and Research: Ethical Considerations
  • W26. Public health ethics and qualitative research: experiences from the field
  • W33. Putting Ethics at the Heart of Data Sharing and Biobanking in Low and Middle-Income Countries
  • W42. Impact of marketisation on ethical healthcare: Analysis and way ahead
  • W59. Privacy and health – intersections and concerns in our digital surveillance age
  • W6. Jennifer Prah Ruger’s Global Health Justice and Governance: A Critical Discussion
  • W5. Transnational South-South Collaborations to Build Bioethics Capacity: The Pakistan Indonesia Project
  • W2. In search of the roots for going forward: Ayurveda, Health for All and Bioethics
  • W30. Factoring in the politics of knowledge – an ethical imperative
  • W54. Faking it
  • W1. Vulnerability and Justice in Global Health Emergencies and humanitarian practice
  • W28. Drug-resistant bacteria from a global environmental perspective
  • W34. Cross-comparative Perspectives on Surrogacy and gamete donations: Disentangling ethical and social issues between transnational and national ART politics
  • W12. Unpacking structural, inter-sectional and existential layers of Dalit marginalisation and ethical challenges and dilemmas of their strategic empowerment: How can bio-ethics community respond?
  • W3. Prevention of War and Violence an Ethical Obligation
  • W31. Effective communication—tool for health for all
16.15 - 17.45 Plenary II - Interrogating the construction of Marginalisation and Vulnerabilities - Obligations of Bioethics
Speaker 1: Carolyn Stephens, UK/Argentina
Speaker 2: Akkai Padmashaali, India
Speaker 3: Nidhi Goyal-Mumbai, India
Speaker 4: Dr. Salam Ismael Obaidi, UK
Time Event
09.00 - 10.30 Plenary III - Health for All: Implications of Gender and Sexuality for Bioethics 
Speaker 1: Toni Bond Leonard, US
Speaker 2: Vivek Divan, India
Speaker 3: Sara Hossain, Bangladesh
Speaker 4: Francoise Baylis, Canada
10:30 - 11:15 Poster Presentation
(The posters will be on display on all the three days and the presenters are expected to be there during breaks and during this time slot)
11.15 - 11.45 Tea Break
11.45 - 13.15 In Parallel

Pandemic Response
47 - Pregnant Women and Vaccines Against Emerging Pathogens: Ethics Guidance on Inclusive and Responsive Vaccine Development and Deployment
119 - Bioethics as translational philosophy: the challenge of complex systems
150 - "You just want to talk less and start the treatment": Perceptions of Research During the 2014-16 Ebola Crisis
387 - The Zika Vaccine, from Oxford University, to Mexican communities

250 - Ethical Issues of Health Services Research in Vulnerable Migrants and Refugees
273 - Health Care for Refugees: Inequality and the Meaning of Health and Vulnerability
287 - Recent migratory flows and family law: public order and the good customs as an exclusion and curtailment tool
79 - Refugees on public hunger strike. An empirical investigation into complex ethical challenges for medical personnel

Reproductive Justice
109 - Uterus Transplantation and Vulnerability: Implications for Women in Muslim Communities
369 - Taking transgenerational health risks seriously: an ethical defence of sex selection in the context of mitochondrial replacement techniques
277 - Ethical and legal issues associated with ancillary care provision in female adolescent sexual and reproductive health research in South Africa
65 - Menstrual Hygiene Management Schemes in India: How Fair and Equitable?

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities
442 - Hegemony of the “Normal”: Healthcare Discrimination of LGBTQIA in Southern India
26 - Bioethical Considerations of Intersex Case Management: Exploring the Indian Context
334 - Salutem cura impedimenta: Healthcare Experiences of Non-Conforming Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities Youth in South India
335 - Navigating Intersections of Ethics, Legality, and Gender in Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting: A Scoping Review Reproductive

Maternal Health
93 - The use of contraception in forensic psychiatric contexts
378 - Women's obstetric autonomy in rural China : Reflections on the "Yulin Pregnant woman jumps to death" Event
337 - Ethical Concerns in Maternal Health Services in Bangalore : A compilation of reflections from the field
342 - Remaking motherhood: MRT and alterity in maternal relations

Assisted Reproductive Technologies - 1 219 - Creating infertility: a political economy of the subaltern ART market in India
255 - Rethinking Parenthood in Assisted Reproductive Technology in Nigeria Stem Cells
198 - TIMING FERTILIY- A Comparative Analysis of Temporality Constructions and the Social Practice of Egg-Freezing in Germany and Israel
212 - Social egg freezing in urban India: Who benefits and at whose cost?

10 - Tempering hype, sharing responsibility: rethinking bioethics to implement genomics well
28 - Ethical Issues in Umbilical Cord Blood Banking in India: A Responsible Innovation Perspective
408 - The Capitalization of Desperation and Hope: The Investigational Stem Cell Therapy in India and the Question of Bioethics
201 - Genomic research emergence in sub-Saharan Africa: how prepared are biomedical researchers?

Stem Cells and Genetics
54 - Epigenetic discrimination: emerging uses of epigenetic tests by insurers and forensic scientists pointing to the limitations of policies against genetic discrimination
144 - The Portabolomics concept and responsible innovation: challenging potential inequalities of opportunity in benefitting from synthetic biology Stem Cells
260 - Patienthood, participation, and consumption in the "digital era": direct-to-consumer marketing of experimental stem cell therapies
302 - Stem cell registries, innovation and conflict of interest

62 - Justified Paltering within the Clinical Context: Insights from an African Moral Theory?
222 - An analysis of the concept of Solidarity from a Dutch and Japanese perspective: "Solidariteit" & "Kizuna"
399 - India, art, and ethics
400 - Philosophy and Ethics, East and West: Aristotle and Patañjali

Medical Ethics Curriculum
43 - Starting young – Nurturing the value of 'respect for persons' in (inter-)professional identity formation of nursing, pharmacy and medical students
69 - Medical Ethics Education: a discourse driven approach
168 - Considerations for Utilising Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) to Deliver Undergraduate Medical Ethics Curriculum in Malaysia
240 - An exploration of the hidden curriculum in undergraduate medical training: students' perspectives from a Medical College in South India

Health and Human Rights - 2
104 - Research on Chrysotile Asbestos: A Failure of Ethics by National Institute of Occupational Health & National Human Rights Commission
235 - Questioning ‘equality’ in post-humanist visions of genetic enhancement
312 - Gatekeeper:Justice and equality in health care delivery in China
386 - Responsibility for health is not a zero-sum game

215 - Ethics and law of dignity in dying: Global Responses and the Indian Supreme Court
346 - Constitution of ‘the dying’: Voluntary assisted dying law reform in the Australian state of Victoria
444 - Health for All? A medico-legal analysis of paediatrician’s end-of-life decision-making for disabled children in the United Kingdom?
51 - Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada: The ethical and practical challenges of the implementation of a new (contested) medical intervention

72 - Ethics amongst alcohol and other drug clinicians: challenges in everyday work with people who have addictions
94 - Forensic psychiatrists and psychologists' views on responsibility, deviant traits and coercive offers
266 - How Cultural Neuroscience Can Contribute to Global Bioethics: Diversity in Brain Functions and Questionable 'Universal' Principle of Individual Autonomy
374 - Epistemological and Existential Implications of Consumer Neurotechnologies

Mental Health
25 - "Better health for all" or devaluing individuals with "bad genes"? Exploring adolescents' moral attitudes towards advances in autism genomics
147 - Contemplating Pregnancy: Dilemmas faced by mothers having a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder
370 - To Admit or Not? Ethical dilemmas in involuntary admission of alcohol dependent persons
328 - Ethical Challenges in Community Based Mental Health Research in Low-resource Settings

135 - Ethical, Legal and Societal Implications of mHealth for Non-Communicable Disease Surveillance in Resource-Limited Countries
343 - The potential legal implications of ectogenesis for the regulation of embryos and foetuses ex utero
290 - Cross-border Medically Assisted Reproduction and the Right to Know One's Genetic Origins
261 - Trust me, I am your artificial doctor

Pharmaceuticals and Access to Medicines
326 - Biological Drugs: Newer development, ethical concerns
441 - Ethics of restricted access to drugs for MDR-TB
405 - Unethical Patenting, Unaffordable medicines¬—Deepening inequities
205 - Revenue Based Business Model to Growth Based Business Model: A Case of Indian Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Industry

Health care 166 - EBM and the problem of expensive treatments: why it is reasonable to supply the expensive for the few than the cheaper for the many?
189 - Respecting the Dignity of Foreign Domestic Workers Caring for Elderly Singaporeans
361 - Pray for the best: What we can learn from perinatal health inequalities in prosperous countries
177 - Respect and Colonialism as a Determinant of Health

Health and Human Rights - 1
380 - Health and human rights for all: What role for the right to health in advancing universal health coverage in an unequal world?
320 - Geographical inequity in availability of hospital services under the state funded health insurance scheme in a central Indian state
270 - Critical reflection on 'rights' in bioethics
345 - What is a universal human right to science (and why does it matter)?

Ethical Guidelines
22 - Ethics of consent and data privacy in genetic research
403 - Need for comprehensive ethics guidance for public health advocacy
55 - Implementing non-invasive prenatal testing in Canada: most important benefits, challenges and guiding ethical principles according to local experts
267 - Ethical Requirements for Improving Developing Nations Negotiation Capabilities in International Biomedical (IB) Research

Public Health Research
32 - Analysis of ethical, legal and social issues with electronic methods for participant engagement in medical research
141 - Bioethics – why it got left behind!
171 - Ethical considerations for inclusion of children of minor parents in clinical trials
178 - What is Informed Consent and Why Does it Matter?
308 - Ethical review on one eHealth Research and beyond to big health data ethics
358 - Overcoming Speciesist Science: the role of Ethics Committees in Animal Research Assessment
130 - The primacy of human being and the ethics of non-beneficial pediatric research
192 - Age Testing of Unaccompanied Minors: Ethical, Cultural and Social Considerations
24 - Bio-Economics: A Shift In The Thinking Concerning Growth And Its Possible Impact On Bio-Ethics In 21st Century

One Health, Environmental Health, Antimicrobial resistance
324 - The Endosulfan Tragedy and subsequent remediation efforts – reflections from the "Health For All" perspective
103 - A study on zoonotic tuberculosis in selected rural areas of Bagalkot and Belgaum districts of Karnataka state
120 - Ethics on the hoof: Does One Health require its own ethical framework?
256 - Expanding bioethics via the concept of One Health
314 - Culling Badgers in England
135 - Ethical, Legal and Societal Implications of mHealth for Non-Communicable Disease Surveillance in Resource-Limited Countries
195 - Choice Architecture and Antimicrobial Stewardship in the Patient-Doctor Relationship
313 - Lack of access to antibiotics and antibiotic abuse coexist in low-and middle-income countries——Reflections on the reasons and solutions from the perspective of equitable distribution of health resources

Technologies - 1 - Genetics and Artificial Intelligence
343 - The potential legal implications of ectogenesis for the regulation of embryos and foetuses ex utero
246 - Ethical, legal and social issues in biobanking in South Africa: developing context specific educational modules for LMIC settings
11 - The Ethical Dilemma of the Mosaic Embryo in Reproductive Medicine
89 - How was I made and who can I be? Genetic manipulation and self-conception
160 - Robot-Touch: Proactive Ethics for Assistive Robotics in Elderly Care
243 - Analysis of Several Ethical Issues of Application of Artificial Intelligence in Public Health
99 - Reasons not to invest time talent and treasure in human nuclear genome transfer (so-called mitochondrial replacement)
373 - Citizen Science and Gamification

Technologies - 2 Assisted Reproduction, Diagnostics
200 - Call for an International Declaration on cross-border Surrogacy and Third-Party Reproduction
278 - Womb Tech: Ethics and Global Responsibilities of Womb-Related Reproductive Technologies
419 - Mobile Bodies, Mobile Markets: The Shifting Base of Commercial Surrogacy from India
290 - Cross-border Medically Assisted Reproduction and the Right to Know One’s Genetic Origins
342 - Remaking motherhood: MRT and alterity in maternal relations
156 - Should all health checks be available for all? An ethical framework for personal health checks

End of Life, Philosophy, Theology
35 - Advance Directives and Passive Euthanasia: The Indian Story
310 - The Legislation of Patient’s Self-determination Right Act and Changes in the Practice of Filial Piety in Taiwan
382 - Misthanasia in brazil: to kill or let people die?
317 - "Abandonment : ethical and legal perspective"
284 - Cadaver disrobing – a ceremony to learn empathy from the dead
431 - Should Soliciting for Organs be Allowed through Social Media
428 - Influence of extended family in decision making in donating organs – Ethical Dilemmas
123 - Woodruff's Reverence as a Foundational Virtue for Bioconservatism
133 - Can there be a uniquely Indian (Hindu) Bioethics?

Time Event
13.15 - 14.15 Lunch Time
14.15 - 15.45
  • W7. The Ethics of Priority-Setting on the Path to National Health Insurance in South Africa: Public Engagement, Using Social Justice Theories to Assess Impacts on Disadvantage, and Development of an Ethics Framework for Health Priority-Setting; - Room No. 1
  • W8. Ethically Situating High-Cost Medical Interventions and Programs in Universal Health Coverage; - Room No. 2
  • W35. The ethics of ‘We’-medicine: Solidarity, social care and public participation – a critical revision; - Room No. 3
  • W50. Public, Patient, and Community Engagement: Concepts and Cases; - Room No. 4
  • W47. Patents and Access to Medicines in India: Five Years of the Novartis Case; - Room No. 5
  • W22. Ethical and Social Implications of HIV “Cure” Research in a resource constrained setting: South Africa; - Room No. 6
  • W48. Families in the closet: an analysis of brazilian cases about the violation of LGBTQIA human rights; - Room No. 7
  • W53. SRHR and Bioethics: Intersections and Implications for Equity and Justice; - Room No. 8
  • W57.Transforming Gender and Sexuality Teaching in Medicine: An LGBTQIA Perspective; - Room No. 9
  • W23. Gender based violence in India: Critical insights into the ground realities based on empirical and secondary research; - Room No. 10
  • W4. Ethical issues in modern practice of psychiatry; W9. Bioethics in Medical Education in the Asia Pacific – Challenges and Opportunities;- Room No. 11 W10. Ethical issues in End Stage Kidney Disease Care – a call to action”; - Room No. 12
  • W63. Is there a need for an insurgent bioethics to build a more just world? Critical and reflexive questions, propositions and resolutions; - Room No. 13 W21. Social Responsibility and Health according to Western and Hindu Traditions; - Room No. 14
  • W24. Ethics and treatment options in end of life care: the view from complex humanitarian crises. - Room No. 15
16.15 - 17.45 Plenary IV - Rethinking of Bioethics: Boundaries in the context of "Health for All"

Speaker 1: Water Rights (tbc)
Speaker 2: Right to Food (tbc)
Speaker 3: Environmental Justice (tbc)
Time Event
9.00 - 10.00 Awards, book releases and Editorial panel discussion
10.00 - 11.30
  • W46. A Human Rights Approach to TB? Debating legal-ethical issues in the prevention and treatment of TB in India
  • W52. From dignity to autonomy and back. Can Autonomy Serve the Moral Function of Dignity in Bioethical Discourse?
  • W15. Mental Health in the iGeneration: International perspectives on ethics, youth and dgital mental health
  • W18. Health for All in an Unequal World: Obligations of Global Bioethics
  • W20. The ethics and regulation of radically new reproductive technologies
  • W32. Ethical Challenges in the Implementation of Gene Drive Technology
  • W41. The ethos of medicine in a changing global landscape: An analysis of the feasibility of identifying and codifying core ethical principles for the modern medical profession in a globalised world
  • W60. Information Technology and Universal Health Coverage: Opportunities and Ethical Challenges for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • W55. Global Challenges in the Ethical Conduct of Human Challenge Trials
  • W27. Understanding Medical Error
  • W39. Conscientious Objection Accommodation in Medicine: Reasonability and Real Consequences
  • W43. Neglected by ethics: Vector-borne diseases
  • W49. Ethical issues in Aging Research
  • W62. Access to Health Care and Employment of Women with Disabilities
11.30 - 12.00 Tea Break
12.00 - 13.30 Valedictory Plenary
Summary Presentation of the deliberations
Speaker 1: tbc
Speaker 2: tbc
13.30 - 14.30 Lunch Time and Conclusion

Parallel Arts Festival at the World Congress of Bioethics

Dec 5th-7th, 2018; St. John's Medical College, Bangalore

The theme of this year's bioethics congress, 'Health for All in an Unequal World' aims to confront the disparities, injustices and marginalisation that exists among people, across communities, age groups, genders and even diseases. To bring this field of 'ethics in health' to a global platform, people must also be able to relate to the emotive, sociological and philosophical constructs that impact health.

This time, alongside the standard fare of paper presentations and symposia, the 14th World Congress of Bioethics will host an Arts Festival that will showcase the sub themes of the Congress through films, exhibitions, installations, theatre and the performing arts. The purpose is to trigger reflective deliberations, allow for an interdisciplinary understanding of healthcare ethics and nurture a respect for plurality in thought and expression.

The festival will have indoor sessions of 60-90 minutes each as well as open exhibitions. The sessions will be moderated and the artists / directors will be available for discussion. The open exhibitions will be on for the duration of the Congress.

This parallel Arts Festival is being curated by the Health & Humanities Division of St. John's National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore.

Contact person: Dr. Mario Vaz Email: [email protected]

Some of the themes of the festival are: